Recovering from an Organ Transplant


It is natural for patients to go through a whirlwind of emotions when preparing for and going through an organ transplant. Correspondingly, the relief that a successful transplant brings to patients and their loved ones is beyond words. However, recovering from a transplant may also be just as hard as preparing for it and going through surgery. As anindependent pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, we are aware of the struggles families go through to ensure a healthy recovery for their loved ones.

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. Some may need intensive care right after getting discharged. To further ensure the health of patients at home, new medications may be prescribed by the surgeon or physician to prevent infection, rejection, and other complications or to manage pain. Some of these medications may only be available in a specialty pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida.

Other than taking these medications, it’s also important for patients to remember to keep track of their food and fluid intake, monitor their vital signs, get enough rest, administer proper wound care, and avoid strenuous activities. Patients are also required to meet with their physicians for regular check-ups and go through any recommended lab tests.

Should patients wish to restart their medications, it’s a must for them to consult their physicians. Similarly, they have to raise their health concerns to professionals before taking over-the-counter medications from a pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach.

Palms Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach that is trusted by families to deliver quality pharmaceutical services.

We offer free delivery for prescriptions and pharmacist consultations to ensure your safe recovery.

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