Safely Disposing of Your Medications


Medications tend to stay in our medical kits at home. And when prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines are damaged, contaminated, or way beyond their expiration date, they no longer serve us well. However, medications shouldn’t be thrown out like other objects. Other people and animals may take discarded drugs by mistake if they’re not safely disposed of. Exposure and misuse of medications can lead to poisoning and other health complications.

There are proper ways to dispose of medications and as your trusted independent pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, we’re going to explore these ways with you. The guidelines on disposing of unwanted medications may vary depending on the type of medication; pills, syringes, or inhalers.

The common advice for safe medication disposal from a compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach is to take the medication back to a permanent collection site or a drug take-back program.

In the absence of a drug take-back option, you may follow these steps to dispose of your pills safely:

  • Mix medications with unpalatable substances like dirt, cat litter, or coffee grounds.
  • Place the mixture in a ziplock or any sealed container available.
  • There’s no need to crush the tablets or capsules.
  • Throw the mixture in the trash or simply flush down the pills in the toilet.
  • Remove the label and other personal information on the medicine packaging.

Before flushing down your medications, a specialty pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida highly suggests patients check out FDA’s flush list. Unless the medications are on the list, patients should follow the aforementioned guidelines in medication disposal.

Palms Pharmacy is a free delivery pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida providing a wide range of pharmaceutical services. Should you need help with medication disposal or managing your health, our pharmacists are willing to help you out.

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