Misconceptions About Compounding Services


Compounding services are nothing to worry about. They actually provide many benefits and advantages for both children and adults. Let’s address some common misconceptions about compounding services to help reduce some of your hesitancy associated with compounding services:

  • Compounded Medication Is Unregulated

    One of the main causes of hesitancy regarding compounded medication is the misconception that they are unregulated. In fact, compounded medication and compounding services must adhere to strict regulations and quality standards set by the FDA and state pharmacy boards.

  • Compounded Medication Is Unsafe

    While there have been cases of compounding errors or contamination, these are usually very isolated cases. A Compounding pharmacy must use high-quality ingredients, follow strict quality control procedures, and undergo regular inspections to ensure safety.

  • Compounded Medications Are Less Effective

    Compounded medication can be just as effective as commercially available medication. In fact, it can be more effective in some cases because it allows for tailored dosages and formulations that may enhance effectiveness. Pharmacies like our specialty pharmacy in Florida take into consideration all the medicinal requirements and preferences of clients to create the most effective product.

Visit our independent pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, for reliable compounding services. You can call Palms Pharmacy at 561-513-9161 for more information or inquiries about our services.

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