Common Medication Errors to Avoid


Medication errors and mistakes can reduce the effectiveness of a treatment program and increase the risk of uncomfortable symptoms. For example, missing a dose can decrease the effectiveness of pain management medication. Here are some common medication errors to remember and avoid:

  • Taking the Wrong Medication

    It can be easy for some patients to take the wrong medication, especially those with multiple prescriptions. They can avoid this by organizing their medicines in pillboxes or personalized services like special packaging.

  • Incorrect Dosages

    It is important that patients and pharmacies pay close attention to the dosages written down in the prescription. Factors to consider also include dosage form and the units of measurement used for certain medications. Those requiring specific or unique dosages can consider visiting a compounding pharmacy for the creation of tailored medicine.

  • Incorrect Timing

    Many prescriptions require that medicine be taken at specific times during the day to optimize absorption and prevent any adverse interaction or reaction within the body. Find all your medicinal needs at our specialty pharmacy in Florida.

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