Important Things to Know About Shingles


Individuals who previously had chickenpox have a high risk of developing shingles. But what are shingles? Are there medications available for it in an affordable pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida?

  • Defining ShinglesShingles is a viral infection. A person with shingles develops a painful red skin rash that gives off a burning sensation. The varicella-zoster virus, one that causes chickenpox, is also responsible for causing shingles.
  • The SymptomsPain and a burning sensation in small patches, usually on one side of the body, are the first signs of developing shingles. Red rashes can occur on various parts of the body, including the face, ears, spine, torso, and even the eyes. Other symptoms may include headache, chills, fever, muscle weakness, and fatigue.Visit a clinic or a pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach if you suffer from these symptoms. While shingles may clear up in about 2 to 3 weeks, it’s still better to be sure.
  • The TreatmentThere is no direct cure for shingles. But early detection and treatment can help shorten the infection period and prevent complications. Special medications from a compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach are helpful in this situation.

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