The Dangers of Self-Medicating During The Pandemic


Often times, people visit a pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach with no prescription and looking to buy over the counter medicine.

While this is not bad, there are times that over the counter medicine is actually ineffective at treating what you are feeling. Unfortunately, self-medicating becomes rampant in a time of medical crisis especially these days when there is a pandemic going on that shows no sign of slowing down in the immediate future.

One of the dangers of trying to self-medicate for an illness is that, with a person’s lack of medical knowledge, he or she might be misdiagnosing. As a result, he or she is taking medicine that actually has no effect on the symptoms that they are experiencing.
Worse, taking the wrong medicine in significant doses will affect your liver. Antibiotics, for instance, are very acidic and could damage both your liver and your gastrointestinal tract.

Even a compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach cannot create the right medicine for you without the prescription from a physician. It’s natural to be scared of the COVID-19 virus, but it’s important to get yourself checked out by a general practitioner or, better yet, a specialist who can diagnose and give you the right medicines to get you on your way to recovery.

Once you have a diagnosis, and you’re looking around for an affordable pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, give us at Palms Pharmacy a call.

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