Compounding Services to Meet Your Needs


No matter how carefully a type of medication is created, its effects vary from patient to patient. Just like not all symptoms of a certain disease manifests the same way across the population. Palms Pharmacy is here to help you get the right type of medication that will fully meet your needs. Our compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach is here to help you make the most of your prescription medication.

We understand if there are certain side-effects or even application methods you want to avoid. This is why our pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach is here. Your convenience and comfort are our priority.

Working with us means no more long lines and avoiding rush hour traffic. This affordable pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida offers free delivery to clients who can’t or prefer not to leave their homes. What’s more, is that most of the formulas we offer are under $50!

Just ask your physician if compounding medication is a viable option for you. We’ll work closely with them to ensure you get the result you need.

Interested? Just dial 561-507-5101 to reach us. Our staff is always ready to answer any concerns or questions you may have.

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