What Patients Should Know About Compounding Meds


Many patients who require special medications for their medical conditions typically go to a compounding pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida. This is where they can have medications formulated according to their unique needs. The pharmacy formulates the medications in a manner that meets the prescriber’s exact and accurate specifications. Such medications are then dispensed to the patient directly.

If your doctor prescribes you with a compounded medication, there are things you should take note of prior to visiting a Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach.

  • Not approved by the FDA
    Compounded drugs are not approved by the FDA. Since the medications have to be specifically formulated, it will be impossible for the FDA to test every unique drug every single time. Tests will take some time as well as involve certain costs. However, all compounding pharmacies are expected to follow rules, regulations, and guidelines on the safe and effective formulation of unique medications.
  • Professional pharmacists are allowed to compound drugs
    Licensed pharmacists are the ones primarily allowed by law to compound medications according to the patients’ unique medication needs. Compounding is often done in a state-licensed, Affordable Pharmacy in West Palm Beach or an outsourcing facility under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist or a physician.
  • Inspection of facilities
    To maintain high quality and safety of the compounding process, facilities are being regularly inspected by the board of pharmacy of the state as well as the FDA. Surveillance is also conducted at certain times.

If you need compounded medications for your medical condition, go with Palms Pharmacy. Call us today or visit our location.

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