3-Point Guide in Medication Safety for Seniors


When our aging loved ones are already taking medications, they could be taking more than one medicine per day. This amount of meds can result in unsafe consequences, such as non-adherence. As your trusted Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, let us empower you with these guidelines on how you can ensure medication safety for your aging family member.

  1. Establish a tracking system.
    This can be very practical when your senior family member is taking more than one pill and they have to take them at certain times of the day. When you have a tracking system, you will be able to ensure that the medicines are adhered to. Meanwhile, you can also ask your loved one’s doctor if it’s possible for some of their medicines to be mixed together instead. A compounding pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida is able to make this happen. With a compounded drug, they may be able to have the medicine at one take only.
  2. Ensure that you comply with the doctor’s instructions.
    Your doctor has sufficient knowledge on how the medication should work, so when they prescribe a specific dosage at a particular frequency every day, you will be able to follow it for your loved one’s overall health. Your compliance can also reduce the risks of negative drug-to-drug interactions and other side effects.
  3. Maintain an updated list of your loved one’s medicines.
    They may have taken meds in the past that caused allergic reactions. These types of incidences should be recorded in your medication list so that you will be able to relay with their doctor that such medication contains that kind of side effect. In this way, the next time you are ordered to buy medicine from an Affordable Pharmacy in West Palm Beach, you will have already known the right meds to buy.

When it comes to your needs for medicines, you have a team at Palms Pharmacy that you can trust. We encourage you to interact with our friendly pharmacists so that you’ll gain further knowledge about your medicines.

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