Strategies to Help Seniors Manage Their Medications


For many of our elders, polypharmacy is a common practice to manage multiple chronic conditions at once. Taking multiple medications can make it challenging to manage, especially for an elderly parent. As a specialty pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, we will share strategies to help seniors manage their medications better:

  • Incorporate taking meds into a routine.
    One of the most effective ways to handle multiple medications is by incorporating the task into a daily routine. By taking their medications as part of their morning or bedtime routine, it becomes a task they will learn to do automatically. This can be aligned with the careful preparation of doses, as well as figuring out which meds should be taken on a full stomach.
  • Use pill boxes or labeled containers.
    Your local compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach may offer pill boxes or containers with labels. These devices can store medications and keep them organized while serving as reminders on whether or not seniors have taken their meds. Aside from days of the week, they can also include labels like the name of the medication, what time they should be taken, and similar information.
  • Set up timed reminders.
    Seniors can use their mobile devices to set up reminders for when to take their medications. For tech-savvy seniors, they can also opt for a reminder device they can wear, such as a smartwatch or digital wristwatch.
  • Take advantage of pharmacy services.
    Your senior loved one’s pharmacy may offer valuable services that can help manage their medications better. This may include compounding services or free delivery to ensure your loved one never runs out of his or her medications.

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