How You Can Manage Your Medications While Traveling


Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, it is important to bring your medications with you to manage your symptoms. With changing time zones and changes in medicine availability, traveling while managing your medications can be a challenge. As your go-to compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach, we have gathered tips to help you manage your medications as you travel:

  • Pack your medications in a carry-on.
    If you are traveling by plane, pack your medications in a carry-on bag. This allows easier access as you travel in case you need to take your medications at a certain time. When having your prescription refilled at your local specialty pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, keep your meds in their original, labeled containers to make your way through customs more easily.
  • Learn the generic and brand name of your medication.
    When traveling with prescription medicines, make sure to ask your local pharmacy in Palm Springs about the brand and generic name of your meds. Certain branded medications may not be readily accessible in other areas. It helps to know the generic name in case you need to make a refill. Additionally, it helps to bring a copy of your prescription.
  • Research the time zone and check the temperature.
    When traveling to a foreign location, make sure to check the time zone first. This will make it easier to adjust your medication schedule if needed. Moreover, carry-on bags will protect your meds from extremely hot or cold temperatures when you travel by plane. When traveling by car, avoid leaving your medication in the trunk or glove compartment, as extreme temperatures can affect its efficacy.

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