Strategies to Help Improve Your Medication Compliance


Proper medication compliance is essential for pain management and a successful therapy program.

Having a deep understanding of your health condition and medication program can encourage better overall medication compliance. When patients understand their condition better, the symptoms they should expect, and the side effects of medication, they are more likely to take their medication program more seriously.

  • Take Advantage of Pharmaceutical Services

    Pharmacies offer a variety of services that encourage better medication compliance. Notable examples include free delivery services, special packaging services, and medication therapy management services.

  • Set Medication Reminders or Alarms

    Setting medication reminders or alarms can help ensure that you never miss a dose at home. It will also encourage better consistency at home, helping you develop a healthy habit of taking important medication on time. If you are having trouble finding a specific medication, we are a compounding pharmacy that can create medication for your unique needs.

Our independent pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, offers a variety of pharmaceutical services and products to promote medication adherence and compliance to encourage successful treatment at home. For more information, call Palms Pharmacy at 561-513-9161.


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