Roles of Hospital and Community Pharmacists


Hospital pharmacists are important members of the healthcare team. All across the hospital, they are the safe keepers of medicines and pharmaceutical items. They also help make sure that medicines and other prescriptions are used properly and only when appropriate in modern hospitals.

For chronic conditions that are difficult to manage, hospital pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring that patients have what they need to minimize readmission rates. They help in consulting on diagnoses, studying patient charts, and conducting patient evaluations before recommending a treatment plan. They also coordinate post-discharge care to avoid complications.

Community pharmacists, on the other hand, are healthcare professionals who have direct contact with the community. They fill prescriptions and, in some situations, fills them without a prescription if necessary. For instance, they recommend over-the-counter medications. Their services in a pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach are in high demand by both the public and patients.

Since community pharmacists are in direct touch with the public, they play a critical role in reducing public disease risks and mortality rates.

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