Importance and Risks of Painkillers


People with chronic conditions often experience pain in their bodies. While their prescriptions help them manage major symptoms, sometimes, they don’t relieve pain. This is where doctors usually prescribe painkillers.

Painkillers usually numb the pain so that while patients are going through their treatment or therapy, they won’t have to feel uncomfortable. Feeling pain can often disrupt a person’s daily activities. It can also make the person irritable.

While painkillers can help alleviate pain, they are often subject to abuse. There are times when the prescribed painkiller doesn’t work anymore. This prompts patients to double or triple the dosage so that they won’t feel pain. Eventually, this will become an addiction, according to a pharmacist in a pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach.

If your pain symptoms don’t get relieved by your prescribed painkillers, it’s important to speak first with your doctor about other options. Doctors may recommend you to a compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach for a different medication or simply advise you to double the dosage.

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