How Pharmacists Help Improve Medication Safety for You


As a crucial member of your healthcare team, we place a high value on your safety when it comes to your medications. We don’t just dispense your medications, but we also want to ensure that these drugs work as effectively as they should.

Being a Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, we know that some practices can result in the wrong intake of medicines. For instance, when a senior patient forgets about their scheduled medicine, their health can be at stake.

For that reason, know that we are your allies. Let us enumerate the many ways we help improve medication safety.

  • We double-check that the medicines we dispense haven’t expired. Expired medications may no longer be effective.
  • We can provide helpful answers to your questions about your illnesses and prescribed medications. So, we encourage you to talk with our pharmacists whenever you can drop by our Affordable Pharmacy in West Palm Beach.
  • We educate patients about dosage measurements, frequency of intake, and timing of medicine intake, among other essentials. We also keep records of our patients’ medical history and other health information to coordinate better with their physicians. We also review the doctor’s prescription slip, if ever some details are not legible enough.
  • We also educate patients about potential negative interactions between one medicine and another. So, if you’re given a new prescription, we can address clarifications or concerns if you have any. Also, we are careful to dispense medications based on their potential risks. For medicines that require prescriptions, we will always ask patients to provide their prescription information issued by the physician.
  • We can help evaluate if a medication should be continued or not, especially if these drugs are purchased over the counter.

At the end of the day, when it comes to your needs for quality medications, you can trust our compounding pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida. For inquiries about other related services, call Palms Pharmacy for assistance.

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