Advantages of Compounding Medications for Children


It is no secret that most children don’t like taking medications. There is nothing fun about being sick, and taking medications just seem to make it worse. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While there is no guarantee that taking medications will ever become an entirely hassle-free event, there are some ways to help.

One of the best ways in compounding medications is the art and science of preparing unique prescriptions. From flavoring medications to providing customized dosage forms, a compounding pharmacist from Palms Pharmacy can help make taking medication less stressful and easier for your child – and you!

As a leading compounding pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, we list down 3 advantages of compounding medications for children.

  1. Flavored Medication.
    Many children refuse to take their medications due to their taste or color. With our compounding services, we can transform medications into colorful, pleasantly flavored forms. We offer a variety of delicious flavors for you and your child to choose from!
  2. Ingredient and Strength Variations.
    Every child is unique. They have different needs and preferences. Some have varying drug tolerances and allergies, requiring medications that are dye-free, sugar-free, soy-free, or gluten-free. When your child has allergies, it can be difficult to find a commercially-available medication that suits their needs. Our compounding pharmacists can work with your pediatrician to formulate medications that will meet all of your child’s unique requirements.
  3. Different Dosage Forms.
    Most children find it difficult to swallow tablets and capsules, particularly if they have to take more than one medication. To solve this issue, our compounding pharmacists can coordinate with your pediatrician to develop and prepare medications in different dosage forms that your child won’t mind taking. We can prepare medications as oral liquids, gummy treats, lollipops, effervescent drinks, or topical gels.

The Bottom Line
Your child deserves individualized pharmacy care. As your trusted pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, don’t hesitate to ask us about personalized compounded medications for children today!

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