How Do HIV Drugs Prevent the Spread of the Virus?


Back in the 80s and 90s, the human immunodeficiency virus and its related disease, AIDS, were terrors to civilization. There was no cure, and there was nothing to stop the virus from spreading within and without the patients’ bodies.

30 days later, however, the reality is different. It’s now more hopeful. That’s because there are already a dozen retroviral drugs that are used to treat HIV and prevent the further spread of the virus. With a confirmed diagnosis and a doctor’s approval, you can now purchase these specialty medicines from any specialty pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida.

So, how do HIV medicines treat the condition? If you ask an independent pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, their pharmacists will tell you that HIV drugs are grouped into six categories. Each medicine is categorized according to its therapeutic action towards treating HIV. Let’s take a look at some of these groups and how they work:

  • NRTIs
    NRTIs suppress the action that enables the virus to replicate itself. These medicines attach to infected cells and destroy the cells that allow the virus to create copies and spread.
  • NNRTIs
    NNRTIs alter the genetic composition of an infected cell by adding itself to a specific protein. This, in turn, causes abnormalities that render the virus unable to replicate.
  • Protease inhibitors
    These drugs deprive the virus of access to a protein required to duplicate itself and create new copies in the bloodstream.
  • CCR5 antagonists
    These medicines prevent the HIV virus from attaching itself to a healthy cell.

Antiretroviral therapy requires a patient to purchase two HIV medicines from a compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach for the treatment to be more effective at suppressing the virus.

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