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Safely Disposing of Your Medications

Medications tend to stay in our medical kits at home. And when prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines are damaged, contaminated, or way beyond their expiration date, they no longer serve us well. However, medications shouldn’t be thrown out like other objects. Other people and animals may take discarded drugs by mistake if they’re not safely disposed … Continue reading

Recovering from an Organ Transplant

It is natural for patients to go through a whirlwind of emotions when preparing for and going through an organ transplant. Correspondingly, the relief that a successful transplant brings to patients and their loved ones is beyond words. However, recovering from a transplant may also be just as hard as preparing for it and going … Continue reading

Barley and Its Benefits for Your Health

Barley is a widely consumed grain in America. This grain has a chewy consistency and a slightly nutty flavor that can complement many dishes. So, why is our pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, informing you of this wonder grain? It’s because we want you to start living a healthier life, as well! Incorporate … Continue reading

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Spring Is Here, Time to Stock Up on Allergy Medications!

Springtime brings a new beginning for all. You can’t wait to go out and enjoy the perfect, warmer weather, but you worry about your allergies ruining all the fun. Well, it’s time to be equipped once more! Palms Pharmacy, your trusted local specialty pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, would like to share some tips on … Continue reading

Tips for Side Effects in Medications

Side effects or adverse effects are the secondary and sometimes undesirable effects of a drug or a medical treatment. And yes, despite medications being tried and tested countless times or even if you bought them from a reputable pharmacy in Palm Springs, side effects are still quite common, and they can occur to anyone. So … Continue reading

Branded Meds: Are They Better

Branded medications are usually deemed as “original.” And you can’t really negate the fact that the statement is technically correct because branded drugs are the pioneers or the first of their kind. However, despite branded drugs being the “original drugs,” thanks to the pharmaceutical company that has done the research and clinical trials to make … Continue reading

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