What Can Our Specialty Pharmacy Do for You?


You may have heard of specialty pharmacies before but don’t exactly know what it is. Well, a specialty pharmacy focuses on providing medications designed for individuals with complex medical conditions. These medications cannot be bought from traditional retail pharmacies.

Our pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach is one example of a specialty pharmacy. Besides providing specific medications for complex diseases, we also provide various other services targeted towards bettering your health. Let’s outline them below.

  • Healthcare team coordination
    We want the best for your health. That’s why we don’t just dispense medicine. We also coordinate with your healthcare team to ensure a continuum of care and seamless monitoring.
  • Patient assistance
    When we say patient assistance, we mean everything from prescription fulfillment to medication management. We also help in monitoring medication outcomes and refill reminders.
  • Counseling and education
    We are your partners in taking charge of your health, so we also provide health counseling, financial management, and support. We coordinate with your insurance company to make sure your medications are paid for.

Since we’re also a compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach, you can also rely on us for the complete personalization of your prescription medication.

Visit our affordable pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, Palms Pharmacy, today!

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