Tips to Find a Good Compounding Pharmacy


Finding the right compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach can be a challenge. But with the right questions and enough research, finding the right one that matches your needs and budget doesn’t have to be an impossible task.

Palms Pharmacy, a reputable and affordable pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, offers the following suggestions to help find a good pharmacy.

  • Ask QuestionsAs a patient, you have the right to know as much as you want regarding compounded medications. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Also, you need to ask the right questions to make sure that you are not putting yourself or a family member at risk. Some questions you may want to ask (your doctor, the pharmacy, or both), include:
    • Are you following USP compliance standards?
    • Are all your compounding steps reviewed by accredited pharmacists?
    • What filtration levels do you use?
    • Do you have a dedicated quality department for your compounding services?

    While this is not an all-inclusive list of questions to ask, legitimate compounding pharmacies must be willing to provide you with the information you need.

  • Recall and Complaint ManagementIn the event of recalls, complaints, and other safety issues, it is crucial that the compounding pharmacy has appropriate protocols in place to handle such issues and resolve them. Find out how the pharmacy handles recall and if the pharmacy has had many complaints. This information will allow you to choose the safest compounding pharmacy to get your medications from.
  • Read Reviews
    To help you decide if a compounding pharmacy is safe for you, check out the pharmacy’s reviews. Ask others who have received medications from that pharmacy, read online reviews, and find out there are any BBB reviews about the pharmacy.

As a pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, we advise you to follow the steps that we provide for you to easily find a good compounding pharmacy.

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