Tips to Avoid Overmedication and Harmful Drug Reaction


People over age 65 are twice as likely to go to the emergency room because of a harmful drug reaction and 7 times more likely to be hospitalized, according to the CDC.

The good news is that many adverse drug reactions can be prevented. As an independent pharmacy, here are some helpful tips to reduce the chances of overmedication and harmful side effects:

Always consult with doctors or pharmacists—such as the ones in our compounding pharmacy in West Palm Beach— first before taking any OTC drug or supplement, because these drugs may interfere with your existing prescription medications or accidentally lead to overdose.

Always make a list of all your medications, their doses, and when they’re taken and review them from time to time to see if others may no longer be needed or can be taken at a lower dose.

Always take your medications exactly as prescribed by the doctor. You shouldn’t stop taking medication just because you feel better, unless advised by the doctor. Make sure you understand how, when, and for how long the medication should be taken.

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