Tips to Avoid Medication Errors


There are times when people commit mistakes in taking their medications. Some people mistakenly take more than the required dosage. Others may take someone else’s. Chances are, they either get allergic reactions or more serious adverse effects.

To avoid poisoning from happening, you can check these tips from an Affordable Pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida.

  • Put a label in each bottle.
    Write the name of the medication user. Use a pill organizer and label it per day and time of intake so you can avoid taking more than what is prescribed.
  • Check the expiration date.
    Follow the first-in-first-out method. Always take the batch that you bought first from a Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach.
  • Have separate storage boxes.
    Put medications in separate cabinets to avoid confusion. Medicine bottles are usually of the same color, and switching can be inevitable. People can be kind of in a hurry and may not notice they have taken the wrong pill.
  • Use exact measuring tools.
    Use syringes or the provided measuring cups when taking syrups. Avoid using tablespoons as they are not reliable.
  • Always communicate with your doctor.
    Call your physician for clarifications about his or her prescription. When you overdosed and experience side effects, proceed to the nearest hospital.

Get your medicines from the expert Compounding Pharmacy in West Palm Beach. We aim to provide affordable and accessible pharmacy services while maintaining accuracy, following strict protocols. You are in safe hands with Palms Pharmacy.

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