Compounding Medicine: When Do You Need It?


Medication compounding involves combining or altering ingredients of a certain medicine. The purpose is to address the specific needs of a patient. Often, compounding involves two different kinds of drugs mixed together to get the medication that the patient needs.

But why are there compounded medicines? Will you ever need it for yourself or your loved one?

As a compounding pharmacy in Palm Springs, Florida, let us provide you the helpful answers to these questions.

  • Lack of Medicine Supply
    There are patients whose present medications are no longer manufactured by the company. These medications are special and crucial for the patient’s treatment. Hence, compounding pharmacists will re-create these meds.
  • Allergic Reactions
    Some patients also have allergic reactions to certain ingredients of the medicine they’re taking. Compounding pharmacists will then alter those ingredients. Then, they replace the allergens if possible. If your loved one has an allergic reaction to their meds, visit our compounding Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach for a consultation.
  • Children’s Medication Adherence
    It is extra challenging to let children take medications especially when these meds leave a bitter aftertaste. When this happens, children may not want to take the meds at all. This can affect their health and recovery. To address this, compounding pharmacists can alter the medicine into a different version like turning capsules into a syrup. They can also add flavor to the medicine like chocolate, orange, strawberry, or other flavors children like.
  • Swallowing Difficulty
    Your loved one may have difficulties swallowing their pills. Pharmacists can replace their drugs with an easier-to-swallow version. It can be in liquid or gel form. Compounding medicines are important for patients who need their medications taken in an easier and more convenient way.

So, do you or your loved one need compounding? If you think so, we can answer further questions or concerns about medication compounding. Our Affordable Pharmacy in West Palm Beach has competent staff who can shed light on your concerns. For your other inquiries, contact us at Palms Pharmacy.

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