Affordable Compounding Services for You and Your Loved ones


Many pharmacies you visit can offer you the prescription medication, over-the-counter medicines, and pharmaceutical supplies you require, but not all of them can help you with the intake process. This is because not all pharmacies are able to change the shape, intake form, or even flavor or the medication you require. Sure, you are able to acquire the prescribed medication you need, but a pharmacy’s service shouldn’t stop there, and that is why we go the extra mile.

Palms Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach that strives to not only provide the pharmaceutical products and medical supplies you require, but to also help you in the intake, usage, and application of your medication—overall assisting you on the safe, easy, and convenient route to recovery, good health, and wellness.

Our compounding services ensure that not only are you getting genuine, quality, and affordable medication, you will also receive them customized to your intake needs and preferences. We understand how painstakingly bothersome it is at times to follow a particular drug or medicine’s specific dosages and indication, and that is why we strive to make things easier for you. At Palms Pharmacy, we take the time to know you better, so as to be able to customize the medication you need according to your liking.

You can trust us to not only meet your needs but to also see to it that the products and supplies need meet your preferences and comfort. That being said, we pride ourselves in being an affordable pharmacy in West Palm Beach that specializes in compounding, which enables us to readily customize medications for you, and consequently helping your road to recovery and wellness be as convenient as possible.

If you wish to change the intake form or shape of the medicine you are supposed to take, we can do that for you. Allergic to a particular ingredient found in one of your prescribed drugs? Not to worry, as we can remove that for you and produce a completely new pill, tablet, cream, or gel that will be safe for you to take or apply. Do you need special gels for critical, sensitive areas? We can compound the perfect gel suited for your skin. Are your children giving you a hard time taking their medicines? We can help you by changing or adding flavor to any medicine required for your little ones; we can even turn certain medicines into yummy treats that your little tots will surely not be able to resist.

The road to recovery, good health, and wellness don’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable. Allow us, at Palms Pharmacy, to be your partner in achieving and maintaining good health through safe, high-quality, and effective medication. Come and visit us today for reliable and safe pharmaceutical products and medical supplies, or you may call us to talk to one of our pharmacists and know more about our services.

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