Easy Tips to Improve Your Medication Management

It’s easy to forget the pills we take. The thought of it often just slips our mind. And why wouldn’t it? We have so much to do in a day. There is homework to turn in, work projects to submit, … Continue reading

Simple Activities That Can Help You Manage Pain

Ah, what would the world be without pain? Can you imagine it? We mostly recognize pain simply as a feeling of discomfort, but actually, it serves a great purpose for our health. Pain is a signal that calls our attention … Continue reading

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Saving Money on Your Medications

It is no secret that medications can cost a fortune. It does not matter if you need specialized medications or over-the-counter drugs, they can be quite expensive. However, our pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach believes that you should … Continue reading

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What Is Compounding: The Basics

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were unable to take your medications due to an allergy, to a particular ingredient, or to its ineffectiveness? This is a problem that many of us run into on a … Continue reading

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Pharmaceutical Compounding: Who Can Benefit from It?

Pharmaceutical compounding is briefly defined as the art and science of preparing personalized medications to meet the specific needs of every patient. Although the etymology of pharmaceutical compounding is difficult to pinpoint, evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians were the … Continue reading

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4 Qualities That Separate Palms Pharmacy from Other Pharmacies

Pharmacies play a significant role in public health. It is the place where one gets their desired medications. Their services are not only limited to the patients and their family members but also to healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, nursing … Continue reading

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