What Happens to the Body When You Are Stressed

What Happens to the Body When You Are Stressed
Stress is not friendly to your health. Once your body is stressed out, it will lose the energy necessary to keep you healthy. Stress can cause you to suffer from various conditions such as flu, colds, and stomach troubles. It is then important to prevent or reduce stress. Here’s how stress can make you sick:

  • Suffers Stomach Aches

    Stress and anxiety can cause an increased production of digestive acid, resulting in heartburn. Also, it can slow down food digestion in the stomach, causing bloating and gas. In fact, it can impact your colon muscles and cause diarrhea and cramps. There are many causes of stress. The next time you feel the need to spend hours to prepare for your school exam or work presentation, remember to take a break, relax and compose yourself.

  • Experience Migraines and Headaches

    As the body is stressed out, the brain will undergo hormonal and neurochemical events which stimulate the nerves and cause swelling of the blood vessels. Because of this, the brain will experience some pressure, causing headaches. If you have been experiencing frequent migraines or headaches, your body is probably stressed out. Take time to relax and consider stress-management techniques.

  • Experience Back Pains

    According to some studies, stress can cause chronic back pain because of its ability to trigger the nervous system to decrease the flow of blood to the muscle, causing them to experience more spasms. If you hunch over and put tension on your neck and shoulder because of anxiety and stress, you are likely to experience back issues. Visit an affordable pharmacy in West Palm Beach for your back pain treatment.

  • Have Breakouts

    Did you know that excessive stress will make your skin suffer? Stress impacts the levels of androgen and hormone in your body that triggers the glands to accelerate the production of skin oil, causing clogging and breakouts. You can prevent skin breakouts by increasing your water consumption.

  • Experience Sleep-Related Issues

    Sleep can deprive you of your much-needed sleep. You won’t be able to sleep when you continue to think about your life issues while lying in bed. When you don’t get enough sleep, you will experience a compromised immune system. When your immune system is weak, you can easily catch colds. In case you have a problem calling it a night, a hot bath may be able to calm you down.

  • Have Problem Getting Pregnant

    Stress has a negative effect on your reproductive system. If you are a woman and have been stressed out, you may have a problem conceiving. Fortunately, learning to use skills to cope stress and relaxation techniques will help in minimizing your psychological distress, boosting your chances to get pregnant.

If you have been experiencing stress-related issues, go to your nearest Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach for your treatment. At Palms Pharmacy, we are even happy to give you friendly advice to reduce your stress and have a healthier body.

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