Compounding Pharmacies: Things You Need to Know

Compounding Pharmacies: Things You Need to Know

Compounding is the practice of preparing personalized medications to meet the needs of a particular patient. They are made based on a medical professional’s prescription in which ingredients are mixed together in the same strength and dosage from that required by a patient. Simply put, the compounding pharmacy works with the patient and the prescriber to customize a medication for the patient’s needs.

Palms Pharmacy, an affordable pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and a compounding pharmacy, offers the following information to get to know more about what compounding really is:

Compounding and Its Brief History
Did you know that prescriptions in the early 1900s were compounded? It was in the 1950s and 1960s that compounding declined because of the rise of mass drug manufacturing. Pharmacists were no longer trained to perform compounded medications. From preparing medicines, the pharmacist’s role turned to dispensing manufactured dosage forms.

However, these manufactured drugs cannot meet some of the patients’ needs. Because of modern technology and innovative techniques and research, compounding returned with a bang.

United States Food and Drug Association (FDA) Approval
The FDA approval process only covers mass-produced drugs made by manufacturers. Compounded medications are made personally for individual patients; as such, the federal government has given its approval of the use of compounded medications for individuals who have received a prescription for that specific compounded medication.

In other words, the Food and Drug Administration assures that compounded prescriptions are both ethical and legal as long as they are prescribed by a licensed practitioner for a specific patient and compounded by a licensed pharmacy.

Alternative Medication Forms
The main purpose of compounding pharmacists is to create a compounded medication that can meet the needs of their individual patients. They can prepare medications in unique dosage forms. This may include the following:

  • Capsules
  • Oral liquids
  • Lollipops
  • Topical preparations
  • Suppositories
  • Eye and ear drops
  • Nasal sprays
  • Sterile injections

Top Three Benefits of Compounding

  1. It makes medications easier to use and take. Some medications taste awful, making it hard to ingest. For some people who are very particular with tastes, like children and elders, this can be a problem. Compounding pharmacist can customize the prescribed medications by making its flavor taste better.
  2. It turns medications allergy-friendly. Some people are allergic to some ingredients—dyes, gluten, alcohol, and more. Compounding pharmacy creates the prescribed medication excluding the offending ingredients.
  3. It makes out-of-stock medications available. There are some medications that are temporarily not available or worst discontinued. But with a compounding pharmacy, the patient need not fret. Compounding pharmacies provide access to discontinued or out-of-stock medications. They can closely replicate or reproduce the said medication to ensure that the patient continues the benefits they get from it.

Palms Pharmacy offers compounding services. You can visit us at 3491 South Congress Avenue, Palm Springs, Florida. For more information about our compounding services, feel free to call us at 561-513-9161

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