Choose Drug Compounding Now

Choose Drug Compounding Now

For most people who are not familiar with the pharmaceutical industry, the term “drug compounding” must be vague. Also termed as pharmaceutical compounding, a pharmacy who offers drug compounding provides a solution to those patients who have special medications which are rarely available in pharmacies. Medications which are produced or combined by compounding pharmacists are personalized to cater the exact strength and dosage of a particular patient.

Among the potential risk noted by numerous pharmaceutical laboratories which have conducted various tests with this new practice are:

  • First, with the emergence of new licensee pharmacies permitted by the FDA to conduct compounding, it may be difficult to regulate whatever drugs these pharmacies will offer or produce for their clients;
  • Second, some uniquely-made substances may pose similarly extraordinary side effects which the medical field may not have total control with; and
  • Third, there is still a lot of probability that these compounded drugs will be misused or abused, without the pharmacy or the government knowing.

Be that as it may, a lot of patients still take the risks because of the various ways drug compounding can help them, namely:

  1. Providing access to medications not widely manufactured. At present, it is already easier to find treatment for a specific illness. Whenever you get the flu you would just need to visit your physician, who will eventually give you a prescription. Oftentimes, such prescribed drug would be available in pharmacies. But how about those who have special conditions which require a prescription which manufacturing was stopped due to its scarce demand or cost?

    Such issue would only be solved through the presence of a compounding pharmacy. Despite many pharmacies starting to offer this practice, drug compounding is not available at all of them. Even if you found one in the internet, you should still make sure that such is a licensed one.

  2. Allowing allergic individuals to take medicines they need. Allergic patients are not unusual. Since dyes, lactose, gluten or alcohol are oftentimes used in manufacturing medicines, individuals who are required to take medicines with these ingredients could not take this type of medications.

    However, with the present trend of compounding medicine, it is already possible for these individuals to take their respective treatments. The patient should only inform the pharmacists who will be preparing the medication which substances the patient is allergic to, and these experts can already concoct a specialized medication for the allergic patient.

  3. Making medicines easier to consume through different dosage forms. We cannot deny the fact that there really are individuals who are not keen to taking in medicines. In fact, it is no longer new to mothers seeing their children spit a medicinal formula, which probably costs a substantial amount of dollars, just for the reason of its peculiar taste.

If you are one of these mothers, you should not worry anymore because through compounding, a pharmacist can mix a substance which your kid will love. If you think it would be too expensive, you should just contact an Affordable Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, like Palm Pharmacy through 561-513-9161!

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